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Wild Fur Forever (WFF) is dedicated to the sustainability of North American Wild Fur for generations to come. 

WFF works directly with manufacturers and brands to promote fur and provide scientific data about wild fur and the environment. 


Wild Fur is the original sustainable fashion material that has been utilized by indigenous North Americans for centuries. Wild fur is the anthesis of fast fashion that leaves micro plastics in oceans and landfills to harm the environment for decades. We strive to educate about and promote wild fur as the future of green fashion.


WFF welcomes outside research promoting the sustainability of fur bearing animals and their habitats as well as better harvest practices.


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Wild fur in North America has been sustainable for 400 years. Species have increased and decreased during this period; however, in the last sixty years, populations have remained steady as modern regulations have limited harvests to excess animals that become a nuisance if left unchecked. Thousands of animals in other parts of the world are are destroyed annually to check populations. It is costly to harvest these animals, as trappers must be paid, and the animal is then simply destroyed resulting in an economic loss. North America's holistic approach minimizes the loss by utilizing the fur for earth friendly garments. This method has worked for generations. We are now ensuring that will continue. 

For me fur is the number one sustainable product in the whole fashion industry. You’re not wearing it for one season. Fur has a longevity to it – you can use it for years, then repurpose it. Which other materials can you do that with?”

-Thomas Salomon.

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Image by Caleb Woods



Wild Fur Forever

Wild Fur Forever is committed to the future of wild fur. WFF will continue to analyze research reports and compile meaningful papers on the sustainable use of wild fur and the harmful effects of fast fashion and micro- plastics. 



Thoughtful Purchasing

As consumers, it is important to think about the purchases you make. When purchasing a fur garment, consumers can feel good knowing they are not only purchasing a high quality garment, but also that the purchase contributes to sustainable ecosystems both at the time the fur is harvested and when it is returned to the ground where it will biodegrade. 


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